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anisum oil in lupus

Long ago, some sort thousands of 3 back, on the shores of the Mediterranean lived the great heroes of Greece: strong, hardworking, wise. In between feats they staged the Olympic Games, composed songs, wrote poems, studied the stars, carved out of marble gods and, of course, eating and drinking. They drank only wine and water, and ate again, is extremely healthy food. By the way of food. The ancient Greeks were very observational and people noticed that the grass that grew on the shores of the seas are very fragrant and useful. Especially they liked anise. And they anise seeds add to the bread, because apart from a pleasant flavor, anise promotes digestion, and the women who breastfeed future heroes after herbal anise can not worry about the milk - it is plenty. So people have learned that anise - a useful and aromatic plants, helps you stay strong and healthy. Women's Magazine JustLady stepping time, knows as much Greek heroes ...
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2010-08-27 21:19:04 agrimonia
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