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change posture

Secrets of female beauty: how to correct posture
Formula Women's absolute beauty invented, of course, a Frenchwoman: 70% of cosmetics and perfume (of course, French), 20% of the tailor and hairdresser, and 10% of self-confidence. The conclusion is: beauty requires no casualties, but time and patience. Those French women believe that women are or optimist, or pessimistic. Optimist consider themselves the most beautiful, behavior consistent with this thesis, they make everybody, including myself, believe in it.
They are proud and confident gait, graceful posture, chin raised high and an open friendly look. Pessimistic wears baggy clothes and walks with his head bowed. Psychologists confirm: how personality traits affect the posture and the posture affects the character. Hunched men are prone to depression and look unsure of himself. Slim posture helps combat trouble and said "the success. But the ability to "hold" back is not only important for the mental attitude, the doctors argue that precisely because of fa

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2010-08-27 21:13:06 agrimonia
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